Predictions For Chinese New Year of the Ox 2021 – A Dynamic, Yet Peaceful and Better Year

The brand new Yr of the Ox begins 12th February 2021. A dynamic, but peaceable and higher yr. Every animal within the Chinese language zodiac is split into components with barely totally different traits – this Yin Yr is a White Steel Ox. Steel Ox’s are sturdy, dependable, and might make unfortunate occasions lucky, however it takes laborious work.

Predictions For This Yr of The Ox

Tougher, smarter and disciplined work will repay for everybody. There will be extra environmental and religious focus, with advances in medication and know-how. yr for way of life change, however keep centered, be cautious with cash and take care of your lungs.

That is the start of a transition from an industrial path to high-tech. Globally, issues will stay fluid. Other than coronavirus and political issues, there could possibly be man-made and pure disasters. 2021 will deliver challenges, so be ready by getting every little thing so as.

In Europe, poorer international locations will endure economically. Unemployment will rise over eight% within the US, and the greenback weaken. There could also be a terror assault within the Center East. China will open extra and carry out effectively financially.

If You Are an Ox

Ox folks make good leaders and are sturdy, affected person, devoted and sort – however cussed, sluggish and unhealthy speaking. They plod on to complete their work.

This yr will probably be powerful for the ox, however perseverance will probably be rewarded with prosperity and luck. Focus in your objectives and enhance duty. It is best to do effectively with love, however lower your expenses and train extra.

Greatest companions are a rat, snake or rooster – least harmonious with a goat, horse or tiger. Greatest jobs: something routine, agriculture, manufacturing, pharmacy, engineering, arts, actual property or carpentry.

Ox Years

25/01/1925 to 12/02/26, 11/02/37 to 30/01/38, 29/01/49 to 16/02/50, 15/02/61 to 04/02/62, 03/02/73 to 22/01/74, 20/02/85 to 08/02/86, 07/02/97 to 27/02/98, 26/01/2009 to 13/02/10, 11/02/21 to 31/01/22, 31/01/33 to 18/01/34.

Well-known Ox Folks

Grownup Hitler, Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Charley Chaplin, Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Jane Fonda, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, Vincent Van Gogh & Walt Disney

Ox Likes

Fortunate Colors: white, gray & yellow. Numbers: 1, four, 7, 9. Gem stones: Lapis Lazuli. Western zodiac equal: Capricorn.

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